Kath Smith CV

Name:                         Kathryn SMITH

Profession:                Consultant Occupational Therapist

Academic and Professional Qualifications/Membership

1993                            BSc [Occupational Therapy]  University of Cape Town

2001                            Masters Education [Dialectical Behaviour Therapy]

Brief Outline of Career History

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Teaching Experience:                                              20 years

Professional or Industrial Experience:                  26 years

Teaching Disciplines: Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing, Occupational Therapy


  • International Lecturer 2017 – Current
  • Recognised Lecturer, CL-ASI CASI (Certification in Ayres’ Sensory Integration) (www.cl-asi.org)
  • Module Lecturer and Tutor ASI Wise CLASI CASI Post Graduate Programme
  • Lecturer Ulster University 2013 – 2017
  • Master’s Post Graduate Programme in Sensory Integration:
  • Lecturer: Sensory Integration I: Foundations & Neuroscience (Adolescents/Adults and Older Adults)Lecturer: Sensory Integration II/III: From Assessment to InterventionMentor:  SI IV: Intervention

Current Professional Activities

Director ASI Wise (www.asi-wise.org)

Lecturer CL-ASI (www.cl-asi.org)

Regional Lead EASI INDC Project ASI 2020 Vision (www.easibritishisles.org)

Member – British Association of Occupational Therapists – SW Group and CYPF

Member – American Occupational Therapy Association

Total Number of Publications/Public Output to Date:      15+

Details of Publications/Public Output:   

  • Shankar, Smith and Jalihal (2013) Sensory processing in people with Asperger syndrome. Learning Disability Practice; 16:2
  • Smith (2011) Parenting through the Senses – Innovative Approaches to Sensory Integration Education: Innovative Sensory Integration Practice – Poster 2nd European Congress of Sensory Integration, Portugal
  • Brown, Shankar and Smith (2009) Borderline Personality & Sensory Processing Impairment, Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry: July/August

Some Recent Activity

2020    ICEASI Committee Member, Regional Lead, EASI INDC Research Project

2019    ICEASI Committee Member, Regional Lead, EASI INDC Research Project

2018    Presenter, 1st International Sensory Integration Congress, South Africa

ICEASI Committee Member

2017    Invited Lecturer, SAISI, Sensory Integration in Mental Health, Durban, South Africa

2016    Invited Lecturer, 7 Senses, Sensory Integration in Mental Health, Porto, Portugal

2015    Conference Chair European Sensory Integration Congress Birmingham

2014    Sensory Integration in Mental Health Lecturer, Rampton Hospital

2013   Poster Presentation, ESIC, Finland

2012    NAS Sensory Processing Conference – Attendee, Workshop Presenter and Joint Organiser

2012    R2K – International Conference in Sensory Integration Research, Los Angeles, USA – Sensory Integration in MH and SI Innovation: Poster Presentations

2012    Trainee Lecturer Training SI 2/3 – SI Network (UK and Ireland)

2011    Oral Presentation: Sensory Processing in Everyday Life, National Autistic Society Sensory Processing and Autism and Joint Organiser

2011    Healthcare Innovation Expo 2011 – (Invited Presenter)

2011    2nd European Congress of Sensory Integration, Portugal (Seminar & 2 posters)

2011    National Autistic Society Professional Conference – SI Network Stand (2 posters)

2010    Innovate Program – Design Council

2010    Presentation – Bridge 2010 – Workshop (3 posters on stand)

[For brevity, further details of activity and awards before 2010 available on request]

25 – 30% of my work involves supervising, mentoring and training staff and service users from a wide range of organisation eg: support groups, parent groups, health and social care professionals, in NHS and private health and social/residential care providers including local education authorities.