Preparing for the Assessment – for Teenagers and Adults

Unless you are 16 or older, you will need to be accompanied during your assessment by a responsible person. This needs to be someone older than 18.

It is a good idea to wear loose clothes for the assessment so that you can move about easily, the sort of clothes you would be comfortable wearing when riding a bike or going to a fairground. You do not have to wear gym clothes.

Please remember to wear or bring a pair of socks with you, as you will need to remove your shoes for the assessment and in the interests of hygiene sock wearing is preferred. You may also wear soft-soled ballet/dance shoes or slippers if you prefer not to go without shoes. Trainers or outdoor shoes cannot be worn on some of the equipment.

Please bring any past letters or reports that can support the assessment process. If you older than 16 would like to be accompanied by your assessment, please ensure that you notify the therapist about the person who will be attending with you in advance.