mind-body brain connections

The connections between the mind, body and brain are fascinating, they are built via our senses. The senses impact on our ability to develop, learn, communicate, self regulate and manage our emotions. 

Most importantly, the senses are essential in helping us to successfully participate in everyday life; at home, school or work; helping us to interact with others and the world around us.

services for individuals and families

Since 2007, MBB has provided private occupational therapy services throughout Cornwall and beyond. We work with children and adolescents and beyond childhood, providing specialist assessment and therapy from our well-equipped clinic in Threemilestone, near Truro. 


  • sensory integration across the lifespan

In 1999 Kath Smith started to deliver and develop on early ways of using sensory integration with teen, adults and older adults. She pioneered the application including the development of tools like the Sensory Ladder in 2002 across Cornwall, the UK and teaches this to international audiences. Her pioneering work has won local and national awards.

  • parenting through the senses

Established in 2004 in response to requests first from parents and later from education, health and social care services. Kath Smith developed and offered this parent education groups from local community centres to support families of children with sensory integration and processing difficulties in Cornwall. Since then, this award-winning programme, a unique combination of psycho-education, coaching and consultation run parallel to a peer support group. is taught in Cornwall and beyond.

healthcare delivery

MBB works in partnership with local health and social care organisations to provide expert consultation, support and consultation for complex cases.